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We carry the one & only Teflon Bone Folder!

This Non-Stick Square Bone Folder easily fits in your hand, giving you more leverage to maneuver and use the broad side of the tool. This can then be used in many ways, including squeezing bubbles out to ensure good adhesion when gluing two flat surfaces together. For instance, during the book binding process when gluing leather to the outside cover.
We carry the one and only Teflon Bone Folder!

This bone folder is used by book binders, graphic artists and crafts people for creasing, burnishing and gluing materials together. In fact, you may have have seen the reviews from Kathy Orta, Laura Dennison and Jim the Gentleman Crafter in their videos.

The composition gives this folder non-stick qualities, therefore glue will not stick and when you score your card you will not "shine" your paper as with the typical bone folder.