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Scrapbook Home Storage Solutions & Décor

If you’re an avid scrapbooker, it’s easy to horde and stockpile stacks of supplies. After all, you may need them later. Instead of tossing out the clutter altogether, invest in storage for craft and scrapbooking supplies to establish a cleaner living environment. You may be adamant that you already know where to find each of your craft tools, but our craft supply organizers will streamline your artistic process.

Our home décor isn’t just functional—it’s stylish too. When you shop for our DIY decorative home accessories online, you’ll find wooden décor and beautiful frames to showcase your artistic works. These decorative pieces help you proudly display your favorite creative projects for all to see!

The Urban Scrapbook is your one-stop destination for home décor accessories and paper storage containers. If you can’t make the trip to Edmonton, you can purchase any of our storage solutions online in the comfort of your home. Buy now and begin organizing your craft supplies!